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The Recreation House

My house got repossessed this year along with millions of others globally. It was where I wrote every My Computer song, my book and started Recreation from the back room. I fought and won four repossession battles to save it, it meant that much to me. I rented it out when I left for Hong Kong, to people I thought would pay the rent every month. I had a lawyer lined up to fight a fifth repossession battle on my behalf, but the people I rented it out to, refused to pay the rent, when the threatening repossession letters came again. They wouldn't listen to my reasoning, to pay the rent, so I could pay the lawyer and save the house I wanted to die in. The song is from the second track from eViL sPaNiSh, the fifth My Computer album. It is for anyone else who has lost their home. The road to Asia since has been an epic adventure though and I discoverd this. If you die in the UK with money or assets, your spouse pays a 55% DEATH CHARGE TAX ON IT ALL WHEN YOU DIE.