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The third My Computer album. Death of a Duo is an out-take album from the 'Vulnerabilia' and 'No CV' sessions. The best track on it 'Green Eyed Girl', is on the My Computer page on this website. Rob Partridge, who did Bob Marleys press for ten years, had done the track listing and press campaign for No CV. Rob ommited the tracks, that make up 99% of this album from No CV, because No CV was already chock full of anthems. Nevertheless, this is a fine long player. The haunting and true life finale of 'The End Of Love', is another stand out track. The opening number 'One & The Same' was the first My Computer track that was offered a record deal by ATLANTIC when Vulnerabilia was doing the rounds with the record labels. They only wanted to sign the one song though and 'Vulnerabilia', was an album. That said, One & The Same could have been a global hit, just one of the many chances My Computer missed to reach the world.

Death of a Duo Original Artwork
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