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Regular Money is a mini My Computer album made after writing and recording eViL sPaNiSh with Black Jackson, in a mill in Radcliffe, Manchester. It is the shortest My Computer album, but even more eclectic than it's sister albums. From the stirring opening Trance gambit of 'Don't Look Back' past the new age stomp of 'Break Free' and on through the blistering instrumental 'Both My Parents Went To Hell' you are left wondering where the album will take you next. Next up, the Destiny's Child pastiche 'Never Rely On A Man For Money', the sexual 'Aggressive French Hip Hop' and Andy's House Of The Rising Sun 'I Believe' before Regular Money climaxes with the uber seventies ballad 'Lost Christmas'. After listening to this album, you are left in no doubt, that this is as uncompromising a songwriter, as you will ever listen to. 

My Computer, Regular Money, Original Artwork
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