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Source: Tony Naylor/NME

It is one thing to make a clever record, it is quite another to make a clever record that could pass for a pop album, and which oozes humanity while simultaneously delivering a perfect snapshot of modern British life.


That is why, soon, people are going to be talking about My Computer - Manchester duo Andy Chester and Dave Luke - with an almost religious awe. Daft PunkThe Prodigy, Rachmaninov, Nick Drake... My Computer interweave bizarre influences with grace. 'Vulnerabilia' isn't self-aggrandising or obtuse, rather these glittering collages have great hooks, and a symbiotic relationship with Chester's soaring tales of rootless angst and druggy wonder. A veteran of Creation also-rans One Lady Owner, he has blossomed into the Jeff Buckley of northern dole-life. They're complex, it's simple: an Album Of The Year. 

Source: UNCUT/The Sunday Times

YOU COULDN'T get the wrong impression about the debut My Computer album Vulnerabilia. It is raved about everywhere from Uncut ("the most original debut LP by a Manchester band since Squirrel & G Man, maybe even Unknown Pleasures") to The Sunday Times ("at the head of the queue for the title Album Of The Year").

My Computer, Vulnerabilia, Original Artwork
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