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''Vulnerabilia' is the most original debut by a Manchester band since 'Squirrel & G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People..., maybe even 'Unknown Pleasures'... Astounding'.
(Uncut - ***** Sept '02)

'Leaps straight to the head of the queue for the title of album of the year'.
(Sunday Times - Aug '02)

'A nine minute debut single.  Folk songs fed through computers.  Mike Leigh attitude, Brian Eno sounds.  Tracks which in a second swing from Jeff Buckley to the Prodigy...  You can trust My Computer.  Completely'.
NME - Aug '02)

'On the cusp of brilliance'.
(The Face - July '02)

''Vulnerabilia' is a sprawling work of utter insanity and small g-genius'.
(i-D - Aug '02)

'An album of such naive beauty and thought that we may be seeing the birth of a truly spellbinding Mancunian act'.
(The Fly - July '02)

'Like Muse rewired by Squarepusher via Royksopp...  Electronic music rarely sounds so human'.
(Seven Update - July '02)

'An oasis of ideas'.
(Music Week ; 'Recommended' - Aug '02)

'My Computer sound like true originals'
(The Observer - Aug '02)

''A quite extraordinary debut album...  Vulnerabilia' is a beautiful triumph'.
(The Times ; Album of the Week - Aug '02)

'Acid-house squelches battle against guitar feedback, distorted proto blues is welded to Air-like synths and Farfisa driven funk...  Chesy has more than earned his stripes'.
(Time Out London - Aug '02)

'A fantastic, stunningly inventive debut album'.
(Evening Standard ; Album of the Week - Aug '02)

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