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Hulio Ridiculo were a band that formed from the ashes of Rich but Happy, a band that Rod Smith had formed at the age of 16 with Adam Speakman, Jason Kellett and Stephen O'Donahue. One day, Rod knocked on the front door of Andrew's mothers house on Roseneath Rd, in Urmston, Manchester and told him that Rich but Happy had split up and he was looking for a new singer. Andrew and Rod had been close friends for a number of years so he thought, why not.


Hulio began to rehearse every day, for the next five years in the cellar of the Bass players house on Irlam Road in Flixton, Manchester. With a settled line up of Rod Smith on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Andrew on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Ian Bamford on Drums and Backing Vocals and Adam Speakman on Bass, they began gigging in Manchester in 1990 two years after forming. It was the time of The Hacienda and Madchester. Hulio were not involved in the scene, as the music that they listened to and were trying to emulate in their musicianship, had nothing to do with the dance culture of the time.


Hulio still attracted the attention of every A&R man from London to their gigs, though. But, in their own clothes, that didn't get down with the baggy culture of the times, they were not signed, even though the man that would eventually sign Kylie Monogue had a good look at them several times. Factory Records eventually offered them a deal, but their manager at the time asked them for too much money and Andrew didn't find out about it, until Phil Sachs was giving him a lift home in his mini after a Manchester United match they met at. 10 years after splitting up Hulio to form Kid Dynamo.


Ten years later, Rod Smith again knocked on Andrews front door. This time, it was with a box of tapes of Hulio rehearsals and gigs. Andrew listened to as much as he could and tracklisted four albums, which he then sent to John Leckie to master. The result, is Hulio Ridiculo Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4. You will never hear a more genuine Manchester band evolution, than these four albums.

Hulio Ridiculo Original Artwork
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