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Andrew Chester's second band Kid Dynamo. This is the band that Rod Smith, Hulio guitarist and chief songwriter and Andrew formed after Hulio split up. They did the opposite of Hulio, hardly rehearsed and only did a few gigs in Manchester. They managed to record more though. When the chance came, they turned into One Lady Owner and took the record deal with Creation.


Managed by Shaun Ryders dad Derek, who was so busy having top fun with Black Grape's success, he couldn't be bothered getting it to the man. This is Rock 'n' Roll to the max. Marshall Stack, Les Paul and the best young rhythm section in Manchester bolstered by a bass player from Detroit who bought his Fender Cornado along for the ride.


These demo's like the Hulio album, were digitised from TDK audio tape by Rod Smith, tracklisted by Andrew and sent to John Leckie to master. Tracks recorded at Suite 16 in Stockport, the Cutting Rooms in Salford and Drone in Chorlton, where The Smiths recorded 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side'. The studio owner played Kid Dynamo the 2" before they recorded 'The Boy I Used To Be', a song later to resurface on 'No CV'.


The studio had a great reverb unit (used on 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side') that looked like an upright piano. That reverb unit can be heard on three tracks here. This is a true Mancunian Rock 'n' Roll album.

Kid Dynamo The Boy I Used To Be Original Artwork
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